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If you have alcohol or wine you want to send to China, it is essential to pack them well, so you will not lose any before the package is delivered. The bottle might seem simple to move around, but they can break if not handled properly. Because of this, sending a wine to China has to be done carefully. This guide will be very useful for doing this successfully.


Have an inventory of what to send

Before you start the packaging, determine what you want to send and make an inventory so that nothing is left out. Wine bottles are heavy and you will probably be charged for that. Do not overload the shipping boxes; only send what is necessary and not more.


Get packaging supplies

If the amount of wine you are shipping to China is minimal, or if you are shipping expensive wine, consider getting a specialty shipping box for wines. You can get this from different couriers, especially in a wine sales zone. You will find a different box size that can hold 6 or up to 12 bottles. These boxes come with all you need including Styrofoam inserts. Even though they may be expensive specialty wine boxes will ensure that dispatching intoxicants to China are safe and successful.


Secure the bottom of the box

If the bottom of the box looks fragile, line it with a stiff piece of thick cardboard to properly secure it. Reinforce this with enough tape so it holds and serves the desired purpose. Check the box carefully to ensure that it is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the wine bottles. A box that is damaged or extremely worn should not be used for conveying booze to China.


Wrap bottles individually

If you did not buy a specialty shipping box, you need to wrap each bottle separately before shipping. Ensure that the bottle is properly sealed and lay out some of the packing sheets on a flat table. Lay the wine bottle down and roll on the packing paper. Allow the bottle in the top and bottom. mold the bottle of the neck to make sure it is wrapped tightly. Secure everything with tape making sure there are no wobbly ends.


Box the wine bottles

Properly protect the bottom of each bottle before placing it in its compartment in the box. After filling the box, shake it to see if the bottles clank together. Use packing paper and other materials to cushion the bottles if there is excess clanging.


Tape the box

Once the box is secure, tape it close with the packing tape. Mark the box as fragile and label it to indicate its contents.


Ship the box

It's time for shipping alcohol to China. Choose a shipping provider of choice and choose an express shipping method so the wine does not stay too long in extreme weather.



Be smart about sending wine to China. Handle the process correctly using the tips in this guideline and you will have successful delivery.